august 2021
• gonville talks

On Saturday, August 21, 2021 at 4.00pm the first gonville talk will be presented at the Davis Lecture Theatre in the Whanganui Regional Museum.

Patrick Reynolds Talk _ Poster_3
Public Talk on Public Spaces by Auckland photographer and urban advocate Patrick Reynolds will be chaired by Gonville Fellow Anthonie Tonnon. Patrick's biography includes membership of the Waka Kotaki Board among many other things but it can be distilled:

"Patrick Reynolds has a few hats. He is a photographer
of buildings and places, a contributor with words and
pictures to various media, and a servant to public sector
governance. What unites these roles is a deep interest
the performance and design of our cities, how they’ve
come to be as they are, what they might yet become."

The talk will be followed by drinks and light refreshments and a chance to pursue the topic further at close quarters.

june 2021
• town hall update

The repair work on the Gonville Town Hall is under way with demolition now complete on the stage, which has been restored to its original gentle rake. The floor has been scrubbed and three jumbo bins of accumulated rubbish carted away.

The next phase of preparation for reopening will involve interior painting, plumbing, rewiring and the installation of seating. All going well, the Hall is expected to be available for use by the spring. Best news of all? The mirror ball is in full working order.


march 2021
• gonville fellows

The Gonville Centre for Urban Research invites two people to join its fellowship programme every year. They work with the Centre throughout the year to advance creative, research and advocacy goals in their field. Fellowships are planned to cover a wide range of interests and activities under the broad heading of urbanism.

During their tenure, Fellows may focus on such activities as:
• publishing
• exhibitions
• lectures and other public events
• submissions to local and central government
• realised and unrealised building projects

The 2021-2022 Gonville Fellows are:

Whanganui designer

Natalie has been active in bringing Whanganui practitioners together for some years - often in the context of talks by visiting speakers. In parallel with her architecture work she has established Clean, Clean, Clean
, a research and design project examining the bathroom, the most complex room in the house.

Gonville musician and composer

Anthonie is an internationally recognised musician with a discography which includes
Songs from Rail Land, Two Free Hands, Successor, Up Here For Dancing and Fragile Thing. He has become known for his passionate advocacy for public transport and his creative approach to integrating those issues with his composing and performing work. He is the Whanganui District Council representative on the Horizons Regional Council's passenger transport committee.